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Bio Sculpture Gel® was first introduced to the market in 1988. This nail system represented something completely new - a nail gel that was as flexible as the natural nail and that was soluble. It also came in a variety of colours, which was also new on the market. Bio Sculpture was the first to develop a sculpting gel for nail extensions with a form instead of using drying glues or hard plastic tips.Bio Sculpture Gel has been trying for several years to further develop its product line and has been a leading system in the nail industry for all the years its been on the market. The development has been tremendous and today Bio Sculpture Gel can be found in 30 countries worldwide. Bio Sculpture Gel nail system is designed to provide strength and protection to the natural nail. No primer or activator is used. The gel does not damage the natural nail and it can be dissolved without being filed which allows the nail technician to avoid breathing in dust. Our Gel Remover dissolves the gel from the nail in 20 min. Bio Sculpture Gel is the only nail system that has been clinically tested by Farmovs Parexel, which is an internationally recognized research institute, and with a very good result. The result shows that the system is 99% allergy free. Parexel gave Bio Sculpture the highest rating - 5 stars, as an effective and healthy nail system. Bio Sculpture gel is a nail strengthening treatment that does not damage the natural nail. It makes the nail strong but flexible and looks natural. Why Bio Sculpture Gel?The product has been around for over 20 years and is the original in gel when it comes to flexibility, colours and sculpting. Bio Sculpture is a complete nail system with products tailored to the customer's every need. The products are further developed and improved continually. We strive to be and remain the best nail system on the market.



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